Tuesday, January 22, 2013

2013 Fitness Goals and Races

So taking a break a bit from the marathon weekend recap and I just wanted to talk about goals.   I believe goals are really important to improving one self.  It's not to say that someone that doesn't have goals can't get fitter, lose weight or improve but I feel like goals (and stating them publicly) can really get over a hump or a plateau.

I think the key to setting successful goals (for myself at least) is to make sure that they are achievable and have actionable steps I can take along the way.

Goal #1 - Lose weight
One of my goals is that I'd like to improve my speed while running.  While there are numerous ways of doing this, one way is to lose weight.  I'd like to get down to a racing weight of around 150 lbs.  I'm sitting at 163 right now and the lowest I've been is 157.   I've been sitting around the 160-165 range for over a year and for my height I know I should be less than I am now.  I think eventually I'd like to get under 150 but I'll set 150 as my goal for now.  There is a lot of variety that talks about weight loss and speed but the general consensus is that you can run 20 seconds per mile faster per 10 pounds you lose.  My target date is the Fruita half marathon in April.

Steps that I will take to achieve this:
1.  Once again cutting out sugar.  Mike K and I have recommitted to no sugar for the next 30 days.
2.  Eat smaller portions.
3.  Eat more salads.

Before (2008) weight was 210ish.  After (2013) weight is 165

Goal #2 - Run more often at or above my race pace.  Concentrate on effort and speed over distance
While I do have some longer races coming up (see below) I'm going to try and not focus on distance in my training.  Instead I want to focus on running faster for shorter periods of times.  I do have a few key workouts that I will do that are longer for the Fruita half in April, that won't be my focus.

Steps I will take to achieve this:
1. Work on my Yasso 800s.  It's a workout that I've never done before but I think it will help focus me on speed.
2.  Try to incorporate some sort of discomfort in all of my workouts from Feb 15th on (up until Feb 15th, I'm really trying to just recover physically and mentally).  This doesn't have to be speed every time.  It can be hills or tempo as well but really get used to running with more discomfort that I'm used to.  No more fluff workouts, I don't need them right now.
3.  Cut back the mileage a bit to help with mental fatigue.
4.  Keep attending track nights.

Goal #3 - Race more 5k/10ks
My big A race of the latter part of the year is going to be the Disneyland 10k in Sept.  I'm not super comfortable racing at this distance so I need to practice some beforehand.

Steps I will take to achieve this:
1.  Once my rest period is over from the Marathon, find a 5k to sign up for.
2.  Race at least two 10ks before Sept.

Goal #4 - Do a sprint triathlon before the end of the year:
I figure it's time to try out a triathlon   It will be fun and I think doing something other than just running will be good for me.

Steps I will take to achieve this:
1.  Work on my bike so it's ready to ride.
2.  Take at least one swimming lesson here in the spring.
3.  Once I figure out what tri I want to do (I need to decide on one before March 31st) come up with a training plan and stick with it.

So those are my goals, I thought I'd mention which races I have coming up.

Princess 1/2 Marathon - Feb 24th. - This is not an A race by any means.  I'm meeting some friends down there and will most likely run with them.  If anything I may decide to race the last 5k just for fun.

Me after the Princess 1/2 last year

Fruita Desert Rats Trailrunning Festival - April 21st - This is my next big race of the season.  We have been working on our hills and talking about some really great key workouts to get in before this race.  I have high hopes of performing well this weekend.   I will have about two solid month to train for it once I've recovered enough from the Goofy.  My good friends Michael and Andrea are running it with me plus I believe several others (like Karen).   Should be good times all around.  I loved this race last year and am looking forward to it again this year.  I would consider this a B race for me if not an A race.

Sunrise before the 1/2 last year in Fruita

Disneyland Dumbo Double Dare - August 31st, Sept 1st - Normally this weekend is the Disneyland half marathon but this year they added a 10k onto Saturday.  If you run both it's like a mini-Goofy but they call it the Double Dumbo Dare.  My wife Joelle wanted to run the 10k otherwise I would have skipped it this year.    I decided that I'm planning on racing the 10k as my A race for the year.  Then the next day I'll run the half but at a more enjoyable pace.  The double dumbo dare sold out in a record few hours today when it opened up.  Just the 10k sold out a few hours later and the half is already at 75%.

This is how happy I want to be after the Disneyland 10k

Not sure what other races I'll end up running but those are at least the next few coming up.


  1. Is Joelle making the 10K an A race? If not, she is welcome to trot with me while you go do your thang

  2. Hah, I'm sure she'd love that. I haven't yet asked her on how fast she intends to run it, but I'll broach the subject to her. :) You doing both races?