Thursday, December 20, 2012

Lap 4 - Laura Cissell

Date: Tuesday, December 18th,  12:30 PM
Temp: 43 degrees
Total distance 2.39 miles. Elevation gain 1262 ft.
Time up: 31:15
Time down: 20:52

So this week I got to tackle lap 4 of Sanitas, once again one of Laura's laps.  One of the caveats she put on me is that if I ran Sanitas I had to take Andrea up with me.   Luckily not only Andrea agreed to come, but I also got Jeff Loats and Mike Kelly to come with me as well.   Let me tell you, doing Sanitas with friends is much more fun than doing it alone. :)  

My running buds!  Andrea Oakley, Mike Kelly and Jeff Loats

The weather this week has been forecast for us to get some snow.  They said there was a slight chance on Tuesday and then we would get 3-6 inches on Wednesday.   I was hoping that we could get our lap in before the weather set in.

Up and up and up....

As  you can see, the weather turned out to be really great.   We were all questioning how many clothes to wear as it was a bit breezy.  Once we got moving I know I realized I probably slightly overdressed.

Touching the pole (the ritual for when you get to the top)

This was Jeff's first time to the top.  Andrea had hiked it before but never really ran it.  Jeff like me is a bit sensitive to heights (hope you don't mind me mentioning that) and both of us feel a bit weird when we stare down into Boulder from up here.   For me it's mostly passed but still every time I go up there are a few sections that I don't feel 100% comfortable with.

On the way back down

Cheesy Grin

Thank you once again Laura.   Because of your donation we are helping save lives.  Not only that, you are giving me a great excuse to get healthy and spend time with some of my wonderful friends. I hope soon you can come join me on one of these laps. :)

If anyone would like to donate for Team AllEars and Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, I'm still a bit short of my goal.   The big race weekend is only 3 weeks away now.  You can find more information on the first post of the blog here.  I still have a few Team AllEars cookbooks also available if you are interested in that.   Anything you can afford is appreciated.

Next week the hope is at least two laps and one of those will hopefully be a full moon nighttime lap at the end of the Month.  Stay turned!

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