Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Lap 5 and 6 - Jeff Loats and Glenn/Marcia Briskin

Date: Tuesday, December 24th, 1:30 PM
Temp: 34 degrees
Lap 1 Time Up: 30:28 Minutes
Lap 1 Time Down: 18 Minutes
Lap 2 Time Up: 34 Minutes
Lap 2 Time Down: 21 Minutes

**warning, I have a lot to blather on about today.  Don't want to read it, that's fine, I have lots of pretty pictures to look at**

So I had a rough week in the way of meeting my running goals.  My legs felt like tired and with the exception of a good track workout I just felt like I wasn't performing optimally.   That makes sense as I was at the peak of my training for my marathon (which is in 2.5 weeks) and it's normal that my body is just going to feel tired.  I figured I could stretch one lap of Sanitas in this week, but probably not more than that.  Then, on Saturday night, my good friend Michael asked me what my running plans were for this week.  We both have a track workout planned for Wednesday, but I knew I had to get at least another run in before then.  He suggested two laps of Sanitas.  

Normally I wouldn't have done this on my own, but since he put the idea out there, I checked the weather.  Looked clear on Sunday but we were planning on seeing the Hobbit and running some errands.  Monday (Christmas Eve) the forecast looked a bit dicier as snow was predicted later in the evening.  That meant most likely a white Christmas.  Yay!  That also meant there was a possibility of getting some snow on the mountain.   I decided to go ahead and dedicate these two laps to two very special people that are helping me raise money for my cause (more on that at the end).   Jeff Loats, one of my best friends and Glenn and Marcia Briskin, my in-laws who are amazing.  All three people have been such great supporters on my running journey.

Michael Kelly standing in front of Sanitas

I left work a bit early as the office I was working at was empty by noon.   I swung by and picked up Michael and off to Sanitas we went.  It was a bit chilly but both of us knew that we'd be pretty warm once we started up the mountain.   Michael, who is amazing at pacing was a bit surprised when I took off up the mountain.  I was feeling pretty good actually but was stupid enough not to pace myself well enough (you can see the difference in the times at the top).   

On the way up.  Great view of Boulder!

The first lap went really well.  Mike and I had some great conversation (as we always do on our runs).  He has some interesting insights on myself that I just hadn't ever thought about.   I pretty much bombed the downhill.  It felt good to be really getting some speed and stretching out my legs.   Again, I really should have paced myself better for the second lap and took it easier heading back down.

At the top after the first lap!
At the top after the second lap!

On the second lap up I begun to have some stomach issues.   This has been something that has been plaguing me for the last several years with my running.  My doctor thinks it probably has something to do with not enough water and salt.  This day I had left my water bottle in the car, probably a big no-no.   Once we got to the top my stomach had settled down a bit.   My legs were pretty wobbly going back down the second time, we ended up taking it quite a bit slower.  

Michael looking fresh as can be!  I think he must have used Old Spice today.

I asked Michael a question on the way up the second time.  I was wondering how many laps he thought he could do.  He thought probably 4.  Myself, I was thinking 3 without a ton of extra mental work.  Anyway, Michael also was generous enough to donate to Team AllEars and Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.   He said that my Christmas gift was that I didn't have to run up Sanitas if I didn't want to.  Ha I say!  I told him instead we'd have to pick a day and try for three laps.   The one catch is that it had to be after the marathon. ;)  

 Legs feeling like jelly, this is the initial descent from the top.  

Right now, I'm two weeks out before I head to Florida for race weekend.  It's basically 17 days away.  I've started my taper (which mentally feels great btw).  I have a few more runs to go including a snowy track workout tonight and probably a 13 mile run this weekend.  I just want to thank everyone who has given me support on this journey including and especially the people that have helped me meet my fundraising goal for Team AllEars.  I'm still about $150 away from my fundraising goal, so if you'd like me to run a lap of Sanitas or pick up one of our amazing Team AllEars cookbooks, you can go here to find out more information.

Here is the current tally for Sanitas Laps:
Jen Alexander - 1 Lap - Done
Laura Cissell - 5 Laps - 3/5 Done.  Saving at least one for her.
Andrea Oakley - 1 Lap - Not done
Glenn and Marcia Briskin - 1 Lap - Done
Jeff Loats - 1 Lap - Done
Michael Kelly - 3 Laps - After marathon weekend.

This week I hope to complete a very special lap for Andrea Oakley.  Friday is a full moon and I'm hoping to get some friends of mine to bundle up and do a night run up Sanitas in the dark.  The weather forecast looks cold but the plan is just to bundle up and do it!  I hope everyone is having a happy holiday!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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